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Hybrid Global TechCamp Reconnect Nepal

The U.S. Department of State in partnership with implementing partner Kathmandu Living Labs, is hosting a hybrid Global TechCamp Reconnect in Nepal. The hybrid event will address the issues of shared global public health challenges, including those related to dis/misinformation surrounding COVID-19, and will provide a deep dive into the topic of countering mis/disinformation throughout…


TechCamp Global Alumni Virtual YouthMappers Web Training

The TechCamp Program is collaborating with YouthMappers chapters in three countries, Bangladesh, Malawi, and Paraguay, to offer virtual GIS mapping trainings for alumni in different world regions! Alumni will sign up for the training of their choice by timezone and language (Bangladesh and Malawi trainings will be in English, the Paraguay trainings will be in…

TC Chile Background

TechCamp Chile

TechCamp Chile para Combatir la Desinformación en Procesos Democráticos Chile tiene uno de los entornos digitales más florecientes de América Latina. Con el auge de las redes sociales, las noticias tradicionales, la radio y la transmisión de canales populares, los chilenos consumen ansiosamente su información de una manera puramente digital. Sin embargo, la creciente amenaza…


TechCamp San Salvador

Emerging leaders from El Salvador’s industry of content creators are prioritizing the development of El Salvador’s digital infrastructure as one of the most important factors driving economic growth and professional development. Tech4Leaders’ approach is to balance interest in attracting tourism and investment to El Salvador by amplifying creative media with the responsibility of ensuring citizens’…


TechCamp Bishkek

On April 27th-29th, participants from Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will convene in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic for TechCamp Bishkek: Cleaner Air for Central Asia. TechCamp Bishkek aims to increase the effectiveness of influencers and practitioners in Central Asia to conduct data-driven advocacy on air quality and increase communities’ access to reliable data and information…


TechCamp Kathmandu

TechCamp Kathmandu, Clean Air for South Asia will be hosted in Kathmandu, Nepal on July 29-31, 2019 in partnership with our implementing partner Kathmandu Living Labs.  TechCamp is a U.S. Department of State initiative to connect those who have demonstrated expertise and knowledge working to combat air pollution and promote government transparency in South Asia.…

The winning team celebrates their victory in the TechCamp Chennai pitch competition.

TechCamp Chennai

TechCamp Chennai provides young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds from South Asia with resources to improve their digital literacy and communication capacity.