TechCamp Thessaloniki 2024

Empowering Ukrainian Voices

Thessaloniki, Greece View Map
February 29-March 3, 2024

Participants from

Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Denmark; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Moldova; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Slovenia; Spain; Turkey; Ukraine; United Kingdom


TC Thessaloniki “Empowering Ukrainian Refugees Through Digital Technologies” seeks to address Mission goals of limiting foreign malign influence and building strong people-to-people ties by promoting global alliances built upon shared democratic values by bringing together refugees from different regions of Greece and other countries in Europe to empower participants by increasing their technical capacity and use of digital tools and promote their self-expression, healing and cultural preservation. The event will strengthen ties between refugees, local and international experts, and future leaders, will equip Ukrainian refugees with the tools necessary to amplify their voices and share their experiences with a broader audience. Our primary goal is to foster cross-cultural understanding and amplify the voices of Ukrainian refugees by providing the necessary tools and enable them to develop their own compelling digital stories.

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