Shalala Oliver Sepiso

TechCamp trainer Shalala Oliver Sepiso.


Shalala Oliver Sepiso has spent the last 15 years working towards helping Zambians maximize the usage of ICTs in their lives and work. This has been through ICT education, innovative use of ICT, marketing ICT products and coming up with strategic plans. His work includes print media (The Post Newspaper), Television (MUVI TV) and Radio (UNZA Radio), as well as international media like Supersport, other local media like Post Radio and Daily Mail and online media like Mwebantu New Media. Shalala’s expertise involves creating communication strategies especially using online platforms, in addition to managing the sourcing, planning, collection and modeling of news items, editing and supervising the production of the news until it is published. Shalala has also worked towards equipping youth with skills that help them be employed or being entrepreneurs using ICTs.

Outside media and communication, Shalala has more than 10 years’ work experience  in consultancy and managing various development projects including Water and Sanitation, Communication and Advocacy, Environmental Services, Agriculture, Youth Development, Education, HIV/AIDS and ICTs. He has worked for engineering firms like Poyry Engineering, ICT firms like iConnect (the biggest Internet Provider in Zambia) and non-profits like Rescue Mission Zambia.