Karamokho Badiane



Digital Media Strategist and Social Impact Manager, Nelam Services

Karamokho Badiane has over two years experience in the management of social impact projects. He is currently a digital media strategist and social impact manager at Nelam Services, recently awarded the prize of Best Digital Agency in Senegal. His major responsibilities are to design and implement campaigns and digital solutions aiming to help resolve social issues through innovation. He is also the co-founder of two Senegalese startups, Baobab Entrepreneurship (which improves the success-rate of young African entrepreneurs through ICT) and AIA, focusing on the management of cultural projects. Upon completion of the Fellowship, Karamokho plans to keep on building communities through digital channels in order to activate them to raise awareness and lobby activities. He also intends to create a platform to shed light on powerful stories from inspiring African doers.