Mimi van Dun


Program Manager,

Mimi van Dun works for the Dutch Expertise Center for Media Literacy. This network organization aims to increase media literacy among citizens and organizations. Mimi is responsible for managing the communication program of the Center consisting of several Media Literacy campaigns, research and projects.

Mimi has developed a successful co-campaigning format aligning the activities of over 200 partner organizations during the annual Week of Media Literacy and for 5 years she was project managing the price-winning interactive media literacy game called ‘Media Masters’, which reaches 40% of the students in the age group of 10-12 year olds.  The game introduces primary school pupils to the opportunities and threats of (digital) media in an entertaining manner. The children are triggered to develop a critical look and a conscious attitude. She is currently managing a new project which aims to bring education about disinformation into Intermediate vocational education.

Before joining Netwerk Mediawijsheid, Mimi worked in different media and PR companies and lived and worked in Malawi, Zambia and Surinam. Throughout her career the power of storytelling and Media has always fascinated her and she believes that , with the current global challenges we are facing, Media Literacy for all citizens is more important than ever before.