Lice Movono


Journalist and Comms Specialist

Lice Movono is an indigenous mother of two of Gonedau origin from the Yavusa Kama and Yavusa Ai Sokula i Rabe of Cakaudrove and the Rara o Nakelo in Tailevu.

The Suva-based Journalist and Communications Specialist trades as, an independent media content production business. She is the Fiji correspondent for Radio New Zealand Pacific and Australian Broadcasting Corporation where she produces print, radio and television content. Her work has been featured on The Guardian, Agence France Presse, Al Jazeera, The London Times and China Central Television. In the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Movono has prioritized her work around digital media, social media news strategies and investigative reporting. In 2021, along with two other women representing Polynesia and Micronesia, she became one of the first Pacific Islanders to be verified by Twitter. She has focused her work on ensuring verifiable news is prominent on digital media in an effort to counter fake news.

Lice has broad-based communications experience which included stints with inter-governmental and diplomatic organizations like the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, United Nations, European Union and the University of the South Pacific. Her passion lies in climate change, gender, rugby, music and fashion but finds herself doing too much politics too! Trained as a journalist by News Ltd at The Fiji Times in the late 1990s, Ms. Movono’s skills include desktop publishing, web design, photography and video story telling. Certified by the Thomson Reuters Foundation as a media trainer, Ms. Movono provides capacity building in Fiji and speaks on media development issues in the region.