Harish Kotra

Harish Kotra, TechCamp Trainer



Harish Kotra helps regular ideas get an address on the web. Harish Kotra heads the Technology Team for one of the largest Digital Agencies in Hyderabad.Harish has played a significant role in powering startups, entrepreneurs by building tools, apps, hiring teams. He has also mentored students from institutions like the IIT, BITS by running internships and bringing unconventional ideas to life. 

Harish is also a thought leader and one of the leading hackathon specialists in India with the experience of running hackathons throughout the country.Harish has been associated with companies like AngelHack, Lean Startup Machine, Pioneers, Weekend Ventures, to name a few for running the best hackathons in the country.  
He is currently working on projects involving voice interactions with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and also chatbots. Hit him up to know more about technology and how to not be intimidated and yet bring your own ideas to life.