Claudia Olmedo

Claudia Olmedo


Graphic designer and entrepreneur, Monstruo Innovation

Graphic designer and entrepreneur in the area of ​​digital technology. She is the founder and director of MONSTRUO INNOVATION, the first company in El Salvador for technology-based innovation, which uses interactive content and strategic management of user data, as a tool for creating disruptive solutions in the area of ​​social innovation, environmental projects, and business. In addition, Claudia participates in several activities focused on motivating more women to excel in the development of technology.

MONSTRUO INNOVATION is dedicated to creating innovative and dynamic user experiences that involve the development of software and hardware. This allows companies and institutions to create interactive experiences and gather information useful for decision making.

Claudia has experience as a developer of innovation projects and New Media at Neo Advertising in Spain. She has a Master’s degree in Design and Management of Expositive Projects, post-graduate degree in Digital Video, and a postgraduate degree in Creativity, Innovation, Management and Interdisciplinary Activities, Spain.