Molek Chakard Chalayut

Chakard Chalayut


Head of Strategy, Phoinikas Co., Ltd

Molek Chakard Chalayut is an integrated brand marketer with a passion for marketing-communications from a 360° perspective and for making brand culture. He has been working in the communications industry, both online and offline, and in digital marketing for seven years. He has experience in marketing tools development and digital marketing research. His works apply the combination of traditional research and digital research in order to establish consumer insight to create the most effective campaign. He has also worked in branding, strategic planning, acquisition, crisis management and development, and has brought increased profitability and brand awareness to a wide range of Government and NGO clients, and professional products. As a Head of Strategy at Phoinikas, he provides deep insight into internal and external factors affecting the client’s business, marketing, traditional, new media and digital presence, and defines the opportunity space for traditional, new media and digital, as well as the vision, strategic framework, and specific solutions required to deliver against identified business challenges, consumer needs, and specific business goals. He is a visionary leader who “connects the dots” around business and consumer insights, and articulates traditional, new media and digital concepts and solutions in a clear and compelling way to clients. This highly collaborative role interfaces heavily with internal team members and client contacts throughout the strategy development process as well as execution. Chakard is also a columnist for the MarketingOops website regarding marketing trends, marketing insight and marketing technique.