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TechCamp Bangladesh

TechCamp Bangladesh seeks to support Bangladesh in strengthening civil society, enabling Bangladesh to hold free, fair, credible, and inclusive elections at all levels, protect vulnerable populations, and ensure civil liberties. The TechCamp will equip journalism students with skills and best practices in addressing disinformation, enhanced knowledge on media ethics, and media technology training. CLICK HERE…

TC Chile Background

TechCamp Chile

TechCamp Chile para Combatir la Desinformación en Procesos Democráticos Chile tiene uno de los entornos digitales más florecientes de América Latina. Con el auge de las redes sociales, las noticias tradicionales, la radio y la transmisión de canales populares, los chilenos consumen ansiosamente su información de una manera puramente digital. Sin embargo, la creciente amenaza…


TechCamp Rome

On May 24th-25th, forty participants from across Italy will meet in Rome, Italy for TechCamp Rome: Creating New Centers: Urban Regeneration and Civic Engagement. This workshop aims to increase the effectiveness of civic engagement influencers and practitioners in Italy through the use of new technologies.  The TechCamp will work to promote local and national efforts…


TechCamp Argentina

Argentina es el país más activo de América Latina en materia digital y su sociedad es una de las más polarizadas también. La superabundancia de medios digitales y prensa tradicional ha llevado a los consumidores a pensar que la verdad puede ser relativa.  Para el TechCamp Argentina, la Embajada de Estados Unidos junto a la…

Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai, India

TechCamp Mumbai

As people flock to cities in India and Afghanistan, the growing urban population can overwhelm the infrastructure, affecting transportation, the environment, sanitation, education, and disaster response. “TechCamp Mumbai: Building our Urban Future” will connect Indian and Afghan civil society and government officials with civil planning and technology experts. They’ll collaborate on digital skills and strategies…