TechCamp Young Pacific Leaders!

Tomas Bickel
November 30, 2022

From October 29th to October 31, 2022, the TechCamp Program will be in Auckland, New Zealand to host the 2022 Young Pacific Leaders TechCamp for Climate Change Action!

This TechCamp’s especially diverse group of participants, coming from over 15 nations across the Pacific, encompasses a broad range of backgrounds. This gives these participants the opportunity to apply the lessons learned from TechCamp New Zealand to the Pacific region and beyond. To complement the cohort of participants, there will be seven experienced professionals within the field of climate science and communication who will travel to Auckland to serve as trainers and mentors for the 50 Young Pacific Leaders.

The TechCamp, hosted by Cultural Vistas and the United States Department of State, focuses on the topic of climate change action, teaching valuable new methods of combating the current climate crisis in the Pacific Island context. Groups of participants will learn the vital components of tracking and reporting on extreme weather events, coastal and marine ecosystems, agriculture and food systems technology, as well as clean energy and sustainable entrepreneurship. We are eager to see what the trainers and participants create together!