Sean Mulholland

TechCamp Trainer Sean Mulholland.


Principal Designer, Media+Technology, IDEO

Sean works at the intersection of brand, storytelling, and technology. Much of his work focuses on product design and strategy, where he researches and prototypes how emerging technologies can be leveraged in ways that are human-centered.

Sean has worked at three startups (including one of his own) and three agencies. In a startup he positioned an Internet of Things product to successfully crowdfund via Indiegogo and built one of the first (legal) means of marketing software via peer-to-peer networks. For the agencies he’s launched new brands, relaunched classic brands, and helped design a movement for a national nonprofit that captured international attention.

Sean writes code by hand but went to art school and holds a bachelor of fine arts degree.

Fun fact: one time he quit his job and moved to a farm in Oregon.