Imane El-Brahmi

Imane El Brahmi


Senior Project Manager, Al Akhawayn University

I am a Senior Program Manager in social development thriving to help others and going above and beyond with each project or program. I am always enthusiastic about growing and gaining new set of skills on my professional journey. I value learning from others, genuine relations and listening about others interests and passions. I also believe that is not an easy path that sometimes we might force ourselves to get things done either smiling or frowning. I have been told that I work from the heart, I smile, and I answer this is because simply what I love to do in life. Even when I leave the office I tend to continue working on new ideas, activities and possibilities. I am a big believer of “practice what you preach for” so I am taking a walk on a fun path to be the change I want to see in the world using all possible tools that might encounter my way. I love to dive in the world of books and browse people’s ideas in intellectual discussions, conferences and inspirational podcasts. The human brain is a fascinating place, exchange is one of the best ways to expand knowledge so please feel free to reach out to me and discuss!