Ezinne Onwuekwe


Vaccine Programme Coordinator, Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC)

Ezinne Onwuekwe is a Public Health Specialist and Data Analyst with experience in Healthcare Systems Strengthening and Programme Management in Africa. She is a Certified Project Manager with a history of working in multi-million-dollar vaccine programmes and partnering with international health institutions to address prominent global public health issues around immunization. As the Vaccine Programme Coordinator for Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) she gives support to regional, cross-regional, and global coordination efforts for improved COVID-19 vaccine strategy. This includes supporting member states in vaccine introduction efforts, collaborating with partners on COVID-19 delivery strategies, and addressing barriers to vaccine uptake, such as hesitancy, misinformation, and disinformation. In this capacity, she also leads the COVID-19 vaccine data intelligence for Africa CDC, which involves vaccine data analytics, visualization, designing and developing dashboards to translate data to relatable insights. Ezinne also works on the African Union Youth COVID-19 Vaccination ‘Bingwa’ Initiative, which seeks to establish a network of COVID-19 Vaccination Youth Champions across the continent in order to accelerate the uptake of COVID-19 Vaccination. Earlier, she had worked at the Southern Africa Regional Coordinating Centre in Zambia, where she supported vaccine preventable disease outbreaks. This involved building capacity on various aspects of preparedness and response plans, including RCCE, conducting KAP surveys, mapping cases and contacts with visualisation tools, and supporting vaccination campaigns.