Daniela Lyra Cardoso

Daniela Lyra


Educational & Instructional Technology Specialist, Casa Thomas Jefferson

Daniela Lyra Cardoso is a teacher trainer, online moderator, and material designer who holds the title of Educational Technology Specialist at the first public bilingual makerspace in Brazil. Committed to advancing education, she envisions public learning environments, in Brazil, were people could connect with ideas, other people and tools to solve challenges of the contemporary world. Currently, Daniela works in close collaboration with the American Embassy to implement the project Achieving 21st Century Skills – a Mission Brazil American Spaces education initiative that provides youth with collaborative learning experiences to enhance the acquisition of the English language and promote education, innovation, entrepreneurship and social inclusion with a focus on STEAM. For the past four years, Daniela has been providing students and faculty in 27 American Spaces (BNCs) in Brazil with leadership and training for current and emerging education technologies. She has helped six BNCs turn their school libraries into dynamic, innovative spaces. Passionate about the Maker Movement in educational settings, Daniela took a Harvard course – Maker-Centered Learning: Empowering Young People to Shape Their Worlds, and since then, in collaboration with the American Embassy and makerspace team, has been implementing Maker Centered Pedagogy to instructional design in public and private schools. A seasoned teacher, Daniela uses her classroom experience to better develop courses and workshops that give public school students and teachers access to opportunities to create purposeful solutions. Her goal is to promote community integration around unique goals, with the use of analog and digital tools – prototyping solutions, developing creative competence, building knowledge in the STEAM area and gaining confidence in the use of contemporary technologies and methodologies to recreate our worlds.