Chris Whitesides

Chris Whitesides


Field Capture Specialist, CyArk

Chris is a Field Capture Specialist with CyArk committed to empowering connections with historic places. Chris is completing his Doctorate in Education, exploring historic places and the critical role they play in building and defining cultural and community identity. CyArk aims to lift up new voices and increase understanding of our past and our shared human experience by creating more equitable and respectful access to places through digital technologies. Through digital documentation, story telling, training and open access sharing CyArk strives toward an inclusive definition of heritage that aspires to elevate diverse communities and their histories, presenting multiple voices and perspectives, especially those historically underrepresented. Chris and CyArk love any opportunity to open a dialogue exploring the intersection between digital tools, virtual documentation methodologies and the storytelling core of incredible cultural sites around the world. To explore our past projects and experiences please visit CyArk. I look forward to learning with you!