Abdiaziz Ali Hussein


Regional Specialist, Link Education International

Abdiaziz Ali Hussein is Educator by profession, an Award-winning Writer by passion, and an award-winning Campaigner and Education advocate. He has over ten solid years professional of work experience in Education, protection and including media roles in the United Nations, INGOs, the Ethiopia Government, Social Enterprises, and development companies in different positions of which seven years+ is in senior managerial and technical roles.

As a passionate writer, he voluntary contributed close to 100 English and Somali articles on education, politics, conflict, peace, policy and social issues to different media outlets focused on Ethiopia and Horn of Africa regional narratives. His writings enjoy International readership, particularly his essays of critique on politics and education some of which have been widely cited and appeared in Unesco read and earn federation and in reputable international news portals dites of famous media based in Africa and Europe. Currently, he voluntarily contributes HornDiplomat, a media house from Africa.

As a Media Researcher with Global Voices for a media investigation research using GV civic media observatory, a method to investigate and decode how people understand information and create knowledge in the complex and seemingly chaotic media ecosystem, monitored media and identified media sites and completed descriptions and analyses of features and patterns of Ethiopia’s media ecosystem to provide insight into ‘narrative frames’ in use in the Ethiopian media; identify priority public interest areas, and offer a range of media development recommendations to inform programme design.

He served as an information collation and reporting function and helped to collect and share key political and electoral information and updates on his region and shared long-term analysts, helped research assistants and connected them with important local stakeholders, and monitored local and regional media outlets analysed and shared weekly Regional News digest for a Joint International Election Observation Mission in Ethiopia by International Republican Institute in partnership with National Democratic Institute.

He participated in a Human Centred Design workshop organised by DW Akademie in collaboration with Iceaddis and contributed to the aim of the workshop which was to develop a better understanding and access to the ng current situation regarding disinformation and misinformation and development of solutions/tools for fact-checking that could be used in Ethiopia to mitigate the adverse impact of mis/disinformation.

He is native to Somali Language, Fluent in English, and has professional working proficiency in Amharic and elementary proficiency in Arabic language.