TechCamp Malaysia 2.0

Smart Journalism, Healthy Democracy

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The overall rise of disinformation around the world limits the public’s access to unbiased and accurate information. Programs that help to counter disinformation in the media landscape will aid citizens in making better-informed decisions that contribute towards a healthier democracy in Malaysia. TechCamp Malaysia 2022 aims to do just that, by building the capacity of emerging and mid-career journalists with a minimum of 2 years experience in digital research, data and storytelling tools to counter disinformation and produce high-quality content in the field of political and electoral reporting in Malaysia. In the 3-day program, participants will attend workshops on topics such as fact-checking, data visualization, election data sources, social media for political reporting, digital storytelling, etc. These sessions will be facilitated by experienced trainers and industrial experts from the region as well as the United States. Finally, participants will identify individual challenges in their work with trainers and apply the tools and skills they have gained to develop the right solutions and projects, for instance, creating podcasts on elections, fact-checking workshops, data visualization of election results, creative storytelling on a policy issue etc. Post-workshop, participants can refine these projects and leverage TechCamp’s follow-on funds up to 5,000 USD per project to translate their ideas into action.


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