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TechCamp Vietnam

TechCamp Vietnam trains 62 participants on media ethics, traditional and social media strategy, and media technology. Sessions are delivered by U.S. and Vietnamese facilitators, preparing Vietnam’s provincial and ministry-level spokespersons to effectively articulate messaging, address disinformation, professionally engage with local and international media, and manage crisis communications.


TechCamp Malaysia

The overall media landscape in Malaysia and the wider Southeast Asia region has seen a rise in internal and external disinformation. The extensive reach of social media, combined with the publication of clickbait news online along with a general lack of media literacy skills has increased the impact and difficulties posed by this challenge. To…


TechCamp Mongolia

Nearly 30 years ago, Mongolians made their famous “choice for democracy” by peacefully rebuking the socialist, one-party rule of the prior 70 years.  Now a committed democracy, Mongolia is an example of the opportunities a free and open society can offer its citizens.  In the shadow of its two autocratic neighbors, Mongolia maintained its commitment…