TechCamp Thessaloniki Small Grant Winners Announced!

TechCamp Thessaloniki – The Awards!

The innovative program empowering women entrepreneurship concluded with the pitching of the participants’ project ideas.

We can’t imagine a more fitting closing for the program than an online event where women entrepreneurs from Greece and the Balkans who participated in TechCamp Thessaloniki this year had the opportunity to present their innovative ideas and claim one of the cash prizes.

The innovative TechCamp Thessaloniki: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs program co-organized by the U.S. Embassy in Athens, the U.S. Consulate General in Thessaloniki, Found.ation and Socialinnov, concluded with the awarding of prizes for the most innovative ideas of women entrepreneurs, who were trained in entrepreneurship through a course of several months in 2021 and 2022.

The TechCamp program is an innovative educational platform fully funded by the U.S. Department of State. The female entrepreneurs who took part in the program had the opportunity to attend a series of discussions and workshops, which gave them guidance to develop their own startups into sustainable businesses that will contribute to the economic development and stability of the communities in which they operate.

Prioritizing the empowerment of women entrepreneurship and creating equal opportunities, TechCamp Thessaloniki: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs provided personalized training to a multidimensional team of 40 women entrepreneurs from Greece and other Balkan countries, both through the four-day event which took place last September in TIF 2021 (Thessaloniki International Fair), but also through online meetings that preceded and followed the action in Thessaloniki.

Distinguished trainers guided the participants in a series of interactive seminars that culminated in the presentation of integrated business plans on the last day of TechCamp and the awarding of cash prizes.

The proposals that were awarded are:

1st place: Blazhka Krasteva Trepetanova – CEO of Blagichka Ltd

  • (ZeroWaste Podcast) Zero Waste Podcast is a series of 30 episodes and 5 short videos, each with its own invited guest, discussing sustainability and zero waste philosophy in the Bulgarian language. Aiming mainly at students, teachers and parents, the collection will act as content to educate and motivate younger and older audiences towards a more sustainable way of living.

2nd place: Jasna Pejovic – CEO of DigitalBee d.o.o

  • (Flourish) Flourish is an Emotional Intelligence growth assistant, with an already validated B2B service. For TechCamp Thessaloniki, Flourish laid out the development of a mobile app for its service, bringing training for Emotional Intelligence closer to a mobile user, in a proposition that addresses a B2C product which aims to grow exponentially in the coming years, helping its users practice and track their progress in their ongoing E.I. training.

3rd place: Anica Petrovic – Founder of Digital Communications Lab

  • (The Parenthist) The Parenthist is a digital coach for parenting. Rather than self-navigated education or hiring a parenting coach, the Parenthist is a custom online EdTech tool for parents who want to develop their confidence in bringing up their child. Through an initial assessment and personalized report, users receive personalized expert guidance weekly.

TechCamp Thessaloniki was part of the long-term successful cooperation between Found.ation, Socialinnov and the U.S. Embassy in Greece, while the actions of “TechCamp Thessaloniki: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs” also had the support of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Amazon Web Services and ID-GC.

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