Together Against Disinformation: A Trainer’s Experience of TechCamp

Phil Sticha
February 1, 2019

“Disinformation is a daunting problem and, at times, it appears as though nothing will stem the tide. However, the participants at Tech Camp Cyprus gave me hope that ultimately people will be the solution to this disruptive problem.”

Mounir Ibrahim is the vice president of Strategic Initiatives at Truepic, a innovative startup that uses blockchain technology to verify photos and videos. Truepic has many uses and applications and also is an ideal tool for journalists seeking to prove that their photos are authentic and a photo is their intellectual property. Mounir was an expert trainer at TechCamp Cyprus: Digital Citizenship in the Disinformation Age who presented on blockchain and photo verification tools that can help combat the spread of disinformation. You can read all about his TechCamp experience creating solutions with participants here: “Addressing Disinformation by Bringing Together the Right People”