Waleed Abubaker

Waleed Abubaker


Social Media Strategy Management & Consultation

Over the past 12 years, Waleed had immersed in the digital business & marketing world, moving from pharmaceuticals industry into logistics then found his passion in marketing after earning extensive international experience working in both the client and in international advertising agencies realms. Over the years Waleed have developed digital marketing strategies for all kinds of organizations, his primary strengths are in project management and marketing operation optimisation (or, as he prefers to call it, projective marketing!)
At the moment Waleed spends his time in online/social media strategy management & consultation, social media content planning , digital media production for some of the top online news agencies along with other brands in Kuwait and Jordan. Waleed also has a wealth of experience in developing and managing social events in industries related to sports, comedy and corporate social responsibility.
In his spare time, Waleed enjoys exercising with his kids 🙂