Viraj Doshi

Viraj Doshi


Project Manager, 270 Strategies

Prior to joining 270, he was a campaign manager in New Delhi, India, where he led a campaign to mobilize women into local voting blocs for the 2013 state elections. Viraj also worked in the field on President Obama’s re-election campaign in Iowa, a critical “battleground” state during the 2012 U.S. Presidential elections. Between his experiences in Iowa and New Delhi, Viraj spent a year in Bogotá, Colombia on a Fulbright Research grant. His research explored how an education methodology applied in Colombian schools could have a long-term positive impact on political and civic participation among its alumni. Viraj earned degrees in Spanish and Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis. Originally from Raleigh, NC; Viraj now lives in Washington, D.C. Viraj enjoys eating his mom’s home-cooked food and watching college basketball and The Wire.