Tony Cohn


Director of Strategy, Morgridge Family Foundation

Tony Cohn is an award-winning communication, partnership, and growth strategist. Currently, Tony is the Director of Strategy for the Morgridge Family Foundation. He oversees the organization’s $10 million annual philanthropic giving approach to more than 150 non-profit partners. Previously, Tony spent seven years with the Smithsonian Institution where he conceptualized and managed creative projects. He created and hosted Sidedoor, the Smithsonian’s podcast which reached more than 4 million people in 120 countries. The Atlantic hailed, “Cohn’s charm and realness, fueled by the resources of the vast Smithsonian… created some of the best narratives [in the podcast space].” In 2018, he successfully led the Smithsonian’s Pepper Project, bringing 25 humanoid robots to the Institution for the first time in history while managing its multi-million-dollar budget. Tony has traveled four continents collaborating with cultural and non-profit organizations to build strategic plans, innovative communication campaigns, and brand strategies. Tony received dual degrees in Public Communication and Theatre Arts from American University in Washington, D.C.