Timofey Aleksandronets

Timofey Aleksandronets


Department Head, Information Technologies Department at Lviv City Council

Timofey is the head of Information Technologies Department at Lviv City Council. Conducted initiatives include:

  • An electronic medical card of the patient at the Lviv military hospital (planning to implement it in all hospitals in Lviv)
  • An online portal “Personal Resident Account” in Lviv. It helps to optimize the communication with the residents of different city organizations: e-mail address to the officer appointments, utilities, checking the status of implementation of treatment, checking the apartment queues, etc.
  • Lviv city council begins to use De Novo cloud services, ensuring high availability and reliability level of electronic services of the Lviv City Council for Lviv residents.
  • “City Panel” which unites all areas of life in Lviv to improve the lives of residents within the Microsoft CityNext program in Ukraine.

Besides this, Timofey took part in the IForum 2015 with report on the theme “Smart City” with the City Dashboard: implementation experience and results.