Thomas Bowman

Thomas Bowman


Associate Director, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Thomas Bowman has extensive experience using digital storytelling, social media, and strategic communications to engage and inform government officials, academics, and others in order to effectively impact public policy and drive social change.

From 2008-2016 he managed the diplomatic program and executive branch initiative for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), where he promoted a digital interactive portfolio of infographics on a range of issues including climate change, government transparency, nuclear security, economic development, and global health. These data-driven tools broadened CFR’s reach by bringing new stakeholders into the conversation, which enhanced policy debates and furthered the mission of the organization. Specific tools including Crisis Guides, Global Conflict Trackers, and Scorecards helped to explain foreign policy, national security, and international financial issues. Prior to that, he served in the White House as an assistant staff secretary. From 2005-2006 Thomas worked as a legislative analyst for the Office of Management and Budget. In 2013, he was named fellow for the International Career Advancement Program, sponsored by the University of Denver and the Aspen Institute.

Thomas graduated with a degree in political science from Duke University in 2001. He currently lives in Chicago, where he is Marketing Communications Manager for Fay Financial, a diversified mortgage services company.