Tatiana Savva

TechCamp trainer Tatiana Savva.


Economist, Independent Think Tank Expert-Grup

Tatiana is an economist with more than six years of relevant experience in transparency and budgeting, good governance and public finance and management systems. She is also a team member that evaluates the Open Budget Index for Moldova. One of her latest interests is anti-corruption, mainly, carrying out analysis on the allocation and utilization of budgetary and extra-budgetary resources, more precisely verifying their compliance with the law and procedures, as well as if the funds are set up and managed in accordance with financial regulations and rules.

Data visualization makes everything more comprehensible, so from 2013, Tatiana and her team have been developing data stories that make budget data relevant and interesting to the decision factors, influencers, and journalists.

Tatiana coordinates the MACRO Conference since 2016. MACRO is an annual conference organized by the Independent Think-Tank Expert-Grup in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. The conference aims to serve as a high-level intellectual platform to dissect the country’s economic, political and security-related opportunities and risks and discuss the way they shape the economic path of the Republic of Moldova.