Sue-Jean Sung

Sue-Jean Sung


Business Development Associate + Program Manager, Legal Design and Innovation, IDEO

Sue-Jean Sung (Sue-Jean with a hyphen capital J, often Sue or SJ, but never Sue Sung) is a Business Development Associate and Program Manager for the Legal Design and Innovation practice at IDEO. As someone who played with the idea of pursuing a law degree and ultimately decided against it, she helps IDEO prioritize initiatives and implement human-centered design to the greater legal sector.

Pre-IDEO, Sue-Jean worked for Google’s Legal Department and simultaneously served as the company’s Criminal Justice Lead within the Civil Rights Law group. She also spent a few years at the company specializing in mobile advertising and internal systems. In her own time, she co-founded and helps run Unmuted Stories, a non-profit with a mission to amplify the suppressed and their supporters through creative pursuits. She enjoys reading and spending time outside doing activities such as surfing, rock climbing, and snowboarding. Sue-Jean received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University after majoring in Hotel Administration, concentrating in Services Marketing and Operations Management, and minoring in Natural Resources.