Sonia Schott

Sonia Schott


Strategic Communications Specialist, Schott International Consulting

Sonia Schott is a Strategic Communications Specialist, Columnist and Political Analyst who specializes in US- Latin American relations with more than 20 years of experience in the public and the private sector. Since 2015 she has combined the journalistic approach with geopolitical analysis to advise clients as CEO of Schott International Consulting. She is a regular Consultant for the Inter-American Defense College, Fort McNair on Defense, Security and how to deal with the Media and guest speaker on international issues at George Washington University and major international media outlets. Sonia holds a degree in Social Communications Sciences and master’s degree in Law and International Relations. She was also a Hanns Seidel Foundation Scholar at the Institute of High Political Studies in Munich, Germany.

How to Effectively communicate Even Amid a Crisis: Communication is no longer merely a transmission of information. With the development of strategic communications, we know that effective communications are considered critical tools. With the onset of the digital revolution, there are now numerous ways to message and communicate. More and more, using communications strategically to achieve goals is becoming the new reality. Tailored, targeted information can be delivered in several ways, including verbally or digitally.

Strategic communication is a process that considers “who you are talking to, why you are talking to them, how and when you will talk to them, what form of communication the content should take, and what channels you should use and when a crisis arises is becoming even more relevant to be prepared for the unknown.

We will learn how to take advantage of a crisis process and turn it into an opportunity by using the right tools and good practices of communication.

We will also talk about the role of a spokesperson as someone who anticipates the need to be their organization’s public face and voice in various in-person speaking engagements.

Consulted with Marguerite Sullivan, author of “A Responsible Press Office in the Digital Age” (A Responsible Press Office in the Digital Age)