Sian Gard


Chief of Staff, ABC Central Victoria, Australia Broadcasting Corporation

Sian Gard is a woman who is driven to understand what it means to be human through the stories, challenges, and experiences that shape us all. From managing ABC media bureaus in regional Victoria to capital city stations of Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as conceptualizing, pitching and delivering documentaries for radio and television, along with writing for online, photograpy and camera operation for national and international audiences, Sian’s fascination with the stories that create the fabric of who we are continues. Sian uses her love of writing and delivery of content, as well as working behind the microphone and in front of the camera to bring stories to life for domestic and international audiences. The passion for storytelling has not wavered for Sian, since she began her career in 2000 and Sian is sure there are many more stories to be told, because everyone has a story to tell.