Shuya Gong


Design Director, IDEO

Shuya Gong is a futurist with a background in mechanical engineering and venture design. They are a design director at IDEO’s Systems Change Center of Excellence and Innovation Fellow and lecturer at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences where they research emerging technologies and collaborative innovation. Shuya started at IDEO CoLab in 2015 building prototypes with blockchain, AI, AR/VR, and other emerging technologies and has since worked with Target, H&M, Nasdaq, Fidelity and others on projects spanning the future of food, insurance, fashion, finance, and fertility to strategically drive systemic change and understand how societal systems shift through collaborative advantage. You can find their work on shelves at Target in the grocery aisle and in circular sustainability pilots at major retailers. Shuya is usually based in Oakland and practices regenerative venture design at Maybe Ventures. LLC. Talk to them about living life without plastic, rapid prototyping, time perception, chaotic systems, and the dystopian (and utopian!) ways technology might change our daily lives.