Olga Iurkova

Photo of Olga Iurkova


Co-Founder, StopFake

Olga is the author of idea and a co-founder of, an independent Ukrainian website launched by journalists in 2014. It reveals false information about events in Ukraine. Stopfake team has already verified tens of thousands of articles, photos, and videos, and revealed more than 1000 of fakes.

Ms Iurkova has over 10 years of experience in journalism. She headed the local multimedia newsroom in Ternopil region of Ukraine for six years. She later moved to Kyiv and is now the head the “Donbass, Crimea and displaced people” department at a national multi-media newsroom Nova Informacia.

Ms Iurkova is a new media trainer. She specializes in multimedia journalism, newsroom management, and fact-checking.