Dr. Matlotleng Matlou

TechCamp trainer Dr Matlotleng Matlou.


Head Governance and Leadership, Afrika Leadership Leadership Development Institute

Focused on finding creative and visual ways to share and promote information, including via cartoons and satire-based visual storytelling, Ntate Matlou has a deep history of marketing organizations and advocacy outreach. An expert on migration, he was born in South Africa in the 1950s and left the country early with his parents (who were involved in the decolonization and anti-Apartheid struggles) and siblings starting in Botswana, Tanzania, Ghana and then Nigeria. He lectured at the University of Liberia, and then proceeded to England for a doctorate, specializing on forced migration. He spent a year working for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Kenya, before returning to post-democratic South Africa in 1994. First working in the private sector for a brief period; then the Northern Cape Province as Adviser to the Premier and Director-General, including supporting local municipalities and improving their capacity for establishing and implementing development programs. He then spent a decade in the national public sector heading immigration and tourism. As part of life-long learning, he completed a BPhil in Knowledge Management with the University of Stellenbosch and presently works as a director of Excelsior Afrika Consulting; lectures part-time at the Institute of African Renaissance, University of South Africa and is Professor Leadership and Governance, Nobel International Business School, Accra Ghana. Furthermore, he is Head Governance and Leadership, Afrika Leadership Leadership Development Institute.