Lydia Wanjiru


GIS Expert, SMEC International Pty ltd

Lydia Wanjiru is a professionally- a member of Geospatial Society of Kenya with over 10 years of experience as a consultant in a wide range of projects, in multi-disciplinary settings, and in various capacities: as a GIS technician, GIS analyst, GIS database administrator,GIS /Remote Sensing Trainer and in Business development She has worked for several projects, for clients in both the public and private sector, and she has extensive experience delivering technically-sound Geospatial solutions that are fit-for-purpose. She places great emphasis on the development of context-sensitive solutions in order to ensure cost-effectiveness, and the long-term sustainability of projects. In addition to her technical experience and expertise in various disciplines within many sectors (transportation planning, Urban Planning, Power & Energy and Water & Environment), Lydia has notable experience in capacity building, content creation and technical advisory services in Geospatial industry. She is a graduate of Moi University, has post-graduate qualifications in Geographic Information Systems from the University of Nairobi.