Kiki Huckaby


Director of Professional Learning, mindSpark Learning

Kiki Huckaby is a Director of Professional Learning at mindSpark Learning. mindSpark Learning is a national non-profit that believes in the power educators hold to change the world through creative problem-solving and innovative practices. Kiki has worked with schools across the country to develop strategic plans to improve their educational practices and develop partnerships within their communities that provide students with authentic learning experiences. In the organizational development space, our clients include HUD, the National Council for Adoption, the City and County of Broomfield, and Front Range Community College. In addition, Kiki uses the process of Equity-Centered Design Thinking to leverage creative capital amongst her participants, thus creating a professional learning setting that inspires and fosters critical thinking skills.

Kiki holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Elementary Education from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She also has her Master’s degree in Curriculum Studies through the University of Northern Colorado. Over the years, she has worked in curriculum development and professional learning, as well as having been a behavioral therapist and Science and Math educator.