Javier Andres Carranza Torres



Director, GeoCensos Foundation
Javier Carranza is recognized as world class geo data scientist , an open government expert and and a civic tech opendata advocate. Carranza is the founder and director since 2008 of [GeoCensos]( a Latin American based geo data foundation that analyzes geospatial technology trends , formulates projects to aid government data agencies and organizes data events, like the Mapps Hackathon. Javier regularly gives keynote speeches and hosts dynamic workshops with the statistic community and civic tech groups . In 2017, he was recognized as the most influential civic tech leader in Latin America and the Caribbean by ACOPI, an industrial union of small and medium entreprises from Latin America. Javier is an active contributor to blogs and maps in the Openstreetmap community that creates the open and editable map of the world.