Hope Mwanake


Co-Founder, Eco Blocks and Tiles

Hope is a visionary, strategic, and results-oriented professional whose passion is in environmental conservation and social entrepreneurship. She would like to be known for combining her intuitive drive with a robust scientific background to come up with innovative practical solutions to emerging environmental challenges. With a solid education and over ten years of experience in environmental issues, social entrepreneurship, and youth advocacy, Hope aims to enhance a more conserved and respected environment, create more livelihoods through its opportunities for young people, and foster healthy communities. She is a mentor and a champion of the environment and entrepreneurial activities. She is a Co-Founder of Eco Blocks and Tiles a company that manufactures high-quality and affordable building products using various mixed post-consumer waste materials as key ingredients in the production. She is also a Co-Founder of Inspcorp a research-based technology transfer startup led by a team of Engineers and Environmental Specialists that are committed to the development of difference-making technologies in Energy and Food Security, Environmental Conservation, and Economic Revitalization and is specifically in charge of Water quality and Environment conservation projects. She is a highly knowledgeable and well-trained professional in this field holding a Masters Degree in Environmental Science from UNESCO-IHE Netherlands. She has won several awards. Hope continuously strives to be at the forefront of preventing environmental pollution, enhancing conservation and healthy communities in Kenya. She is in the last stages of completing her Ph.D. studies in Hydrology and Water Quality. She conducts training in entrepreneurship, the water quality field, waste management, and the environment at large.

Hope is a dedicated mentor