Fatima Alsalem

fatima alsalem


Assistant Professor of Mass Communication, Kuwait University

Dr. Fatima Alsalem holds a PhD in mass communication from Indiana University and a Master’s degree from Florida International University in the USA and earned the student of the year award. Dr. Alsalem is currently working as an assistant professor of mass communication at Kuwait University where she is committed to supporting students and trying to boost tolerance and acceptance of others among Kuwaiti youth. An avid researcher, she has published many studies on public opinion and new media effects in Kuwait’s top daily newspaper, Al-Qabas. She has also participated in many local and regional conferences where she represented Kuwait with her outstanding research.
She recently published a chapter at the Social media in the Arab world about Kuwaiti women’s political participation online. Alsalem has worked in various research projects with the Kuwaiti government, Ministry of Information and Ministry of Youths and contributed to the digital media law. Dr. Fatima also participated in the media tech camp by the United States Mission to the United Nations and State Department in New York, 2012 and the International Visiting Leadership Program (IVLP) sponsored by the State Department in the United States “Women Preventing Violent Extremism” in 2015. Lately, Dr. Alsalem has participated in Voices for Reason program about combating terrorism by Hollings Center and the State Department in 2016. In addition, Dr.Fatima has supervised the Kuwait University team for the P2P:countering extremism challenge by Edventure and the State Department. Apart from her academic research, Fatima has worked on several projects for leading Kuwaiti Companies and helped in their strategic communication plans and image building.