Burt-Ujin Bayarsaikhan

Burt-Ujin Bayarsaikhan


Senior Program Manager, International Republican Institute

B.Burt-Ujin currently serves as the senior program manager for Mongolia at the International Republican Institute (IRI), planning and implementing a portfolio of programs to advance democracy by providing parliamentary development assistance, strengthening multi-party political systems, promoting good governance, building capacity of civil society, supporting citizen participation in decision making, and amplifying the role of marginalized groups in the political process—including women and youth. She has held various roles since first joining IRI’s field office in Mongolia in September 2014. In her current role that started in August 2018, she oversees program activities in Mongolia and overseas, monitors progress and ensures the achievement of benchmarks. In addition, she analyzes socio-political developments and contributes to developing program ideas on democracy and assistance programs. Prior to joining IRI, B.Burt-Ujin monitored and analyzed biological, social and political instability events in Mongolia and post-Soviet Union countries for emerging threats as part of an open-source research program at Georgetown University for five years. In addition to her research and assistance program works, she has public relations, accounting and business development experience. She speaks Mongolian, English and Russian. B.Burt-Ujin earned a master’s degree in public relations and corporate communications at Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree in business administration at University of Northern Virginia.