Barbara Weidmann-Lainer


Freelance Journalist and Trainer, Fit for Crossmedia

Barbara Weidmann is a seasoned journalist and trainer. With 30 years of experience in cross-media journalism, she has sharpened her expertise in video production, digital storytelling, and mobile reporting. Her ambition is to attain first-rate results with the latest tools and techniques, while using minimal resources, low effort, and a limited budget. Since 2002 she is working independently as a crossmedia journalist and passing on her experiences in courses for various organizations, including journalistic institutions, publishing houses, public authorities, NGOs and companies. Before branching out on her own, she spent over a decade at ProSieben, a German television station, where she played an integral role in the development of the daily talk show format “Arabella”. Throughout her diverse career, she has held positions in TV news, including live reporting, editorial directionand anchoring. She also holds a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Political Science.