Anurag Banerjee

Anurag Banerjee


CEO and Co-founder, Quilt.AI

Anurag is the CEO and Co-founder of Quilt.AI – a technology firm aimed at increasing understanding and empathy between organizations/ institutions and the billions of people on the planet. Companies including Amazon, Coca Cola, Estee Lauder, Visa, & Target, along with Non-profits including the World Bank, Girl Effect, CIFF, Ford Foundation, UN, and BMGF leverage Quilt.AI to better connect with their customers and beneficiaries.

Quilt.AI is a 70% female firm that has been rated by the Economist as an “AI for Good” company as it focuses on using technology at the intersection of philanthropies, and corporates to solve complex problems ranging from vaccine hesitancy and climate change to nutrition and gender equity.

Anurag has a Masters in Organizational Development from Bowling Green State University, and is a Harvard Business School alumni. He lives in Boston where he plays uber driver to his over-scheduled kids.