Alex Pitkin

TechCamp trainer Alex Pitkin.


COO & Product Owner, FrontlineSMS

Alex joined the FrontlineSMS production team in Nairobi in January 2013 as the CTO. Alex runs all areas of the production team including product development, technical design and client-side consulting helping users new and old implement projects using the Frontline suite of apps. Before running SMS-driven projects with Frontline, he worked in the digital democracy space for over 9 years with experience in consultation & crowd sourcing web apps, viral marketing and varied use of digital tools to connect people with decision makers. As a lead producer and director of Delib (a UK-based digital democracy company), Pitkin built applications for many international public sector organisations including the UK central government (Cabinet Office, DECC, DH, TfL, BIS and more) and similarly in the US (Dept. of Homeland Security, White House).