Aisha Satterwhite

TechCamp trainer Aisha Satterwhite.


Managing Director, DC, Blue State Digital

Aisha leads the Washington, DC office of Blue State Digital, an agency that builds and mobilizes communities for the world’s leading nonprofits, advocacy groups, brands and political candidates. For the past 20 years, Aisha has been working in the areas of digital strategy, technical project/product management, web development, online/offline advocacy, community engagement and traditional communications and messaging for nonprofits, associations, faith-based organizations and unions. Her passion for merging process, technology and advocacy is rooted in her grassroots organizing and political campaign work. She has used technology as a tool to win advocacy and political campaigns and supporters for local, national and global community engagements for The Africa Fund and The Ford Foundation, One Economy Corporation, Service Employees International Union, National Education Association, the Obama campaign and Human Rights Campaign.